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Since 1978, Heartwood Institute has been a leading Healing Arts school, teaching massage therapy and integrative medicine.  Over the years, Heartwood has taught thousands of students from around the world, empowering and transforming people's lives. 


Heartwood has a rich history dating back to 1978...

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Check out Heartwood's Permaculture Deparment and Residency Program

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Interested in living in community? Check out Heartwood's Residency Program.

Interested in community living?

Check out our Educational Residency Program.


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Heartwood Farm

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Welcome to Heartwood

Mission: is to be a holistic-healing school and community dedicated to empowering each individual in fulfilling their dreams of a career and life with heart.

 Vision: To ethically develop a productive, regenerative community that is dedicated to supporting holistic-healing education and right-livelihood, honoring the sacredness and unity of all

 Purpose: is to learn, grow, and love through service. Service Is Love In Action.

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Check out Heartwood Institute's Culinary Arts, ongoing programs, and Residency Program.



As we begin implementing our Permaculture design plan....

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Grow through learning


Heartwood has a diverse eco-system and unique ecology and landscape, which makes it perfect for projects and research into sustainability and eco-living.


Did you know that Heartwood is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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Interested in exploring your creativity? Check out our Art Department.

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