Who we are

Heartwood has been providing almost 40 years of cutting edge human potential education. Heartwood has been a leader in health and wellness for people and planet through massage therapy, integrative medicine, yoga and movements arts and therapies, organic vegetarian kitchen, permaculture through regenerative agriculture on our farm, land stewardship, natural buildings, and social permaculture in a rural residential setting.

Because of the recession of 2008 and the spread of massage and massage schools to every town, Heartwood closed as an accredited massage school to slowly heal and rebuild structures and systems on every level. We managed deep remodels of the
commercial kitchen,
upgraded our now eco-dorm Madrone, aka “Heartwood Hotel,”
designed and built a brand new sauna and hot tub,
began remediation of the old airpstrip landing zone into a future food production site,
added a million gallon reservoir,
A small digital arts studio,
and just completed the new Pot Yurt Ceramics Studio
soon to come a new spa, a brand new look in our treatments rooms to offer massage again

We reopened as an educational non profit in 2014 focusing on Permaculture and Culinary Arts and offered some start up apprenticeship programs. We have since been adding the Visual Arts program, and are rebuilding the residential community to develop space for our learning village to continue building on the legacy of holistic healing. Heartwood also serves as a community center for the local mountain neighborhood and are open to outside visitors as well.

Mission: Heartwood is a holistic-healing school and community dedicated to empowering each individual in fulfilling their dreams of a career and life with heart.

Vision: To ethically develop a productive, regenerative community that is dedicated to supporting holistic-healing education and right-livelihood, honoring the sacredness and unity of all

Purpose: is to learn, grow, and love through service. Service Is Love In Action.


food mission


Heartwood has a long history of World Class Instructors and Education, and is renowned for its excellent track record in the world of holistic education.

Since its inception, Heartwood has taught thousands of students from around the world, empowering and transforming people's lives. Over the years the most wonderful people in the world have come to Heartwood. These are people who want their love to make a difference in the lives of those around them. 


Our Permaculture center seeks to innovate new practices and tools for a sustainable world. We will conduct research and develop viable practices and technologies in the fields of sustainable food production, renewable energy, natural building and appropriate technologies.

Our educational programs focus on regenerative farming, land restoration and sustainable living environments, offering real tools for a real world.

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts department focuses on a holistic system of plant-based education that merges nature with the science and art of agriculture and food preparation.

We offer an interdisciplinary study of whole foods to provide current and prospective chefs the necessary tools to create conscious food choices and expand the horizons of the food system.

Art Department

Heartwood's unique Art Department program puts an emphasis on projects that address issues of environment and social change. Our participants live on our beautiful, secluded mountain property and are immersed in a creative, collaborative environment.

As the program develops, we will create projects that support our common visions and invite our resident artists to engage with our Permaculture and Culinary Arts programs, weaving together diverse modalities and forms of expression.