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The Culinary Arts department focuses on a holistic system of plant-based education that merges nature with the science and art of agriculture and food preparation. We offer an interdisciplinary study of whole foods to provide current and prospective chefs the necessary tools to create conscious food choices and expand the horizons of the food system. With our unique ecologically based approach to culinary arts, our classes will provide students with the necessary tools to work with plants from the soil to the dining room table, leading to the creation of nutritious and fulfilling food.

We offer classes that allow students to deepen their understanding of the food system and explore where they want to be in the culinary world. Classes and apprenticeships will prepare students for a variety of careers in the culinary world, from chef, restaurant owner, to product specialist and farmer.

culinary goodsAll of our classes provide students the opportunity to work with the seasons and view plants in a holistic and medicinal way. Students and apprentices will work in the kitchen garden, the kitchen, the indoor classroom, and in nature’s outdoor classroom. 

What we offer

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Seed to Table Education

Culinary Residency Program

If you are interested in the culinary arts and wish to explore and improve your skills with some hands on experience with hands on plant-based instruction, seed-to-table meal preparation, the opportunity to explore your own independent research with personalized guidance, get training in catering and special events in an ecologically based, sustainable education environment, then the Culinary Residence Program is for you. 

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Upcoming Culinary Programs

If you have any questions or would like to be involved please contact the culinary arts department at
(707) 923 5013