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Apr 08

Poultry in Motion

Break out of your shell with an interdisciplinary workshop on chicken tractors, poultry gardens, organic quiche and Ukrainian painted Easter eggs.

May 06

The Art of Farm-entation: Gardening with Compost Teas

Prepare and apply probiotic formulas that promote plant health.

May 15

Cold Store Work Party

Work in a team to design and install a low-cost cold store using a simple air conditioner, coolbot, and local materials.

May 19

Designing Your Permaculture Kitchen Garden

Design an energy efficient kitchen garden to provide easy access to your most desired produce. Learn the tools necessary to nourish your soil and produce a kitchen bounty.

May 27

Permaculture Pest Management

Learn how to prevent the spread of pests and diseases through permaculture and agroecological strategies.

Jun 09

Intensive Permaculture Design Course: Botanical Sanctuary Design

Participants earn their 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate during a 9-day intensive focused on Botanical Sanctuary Design.

Jun 16

The Art of Sprouting

Sprouting improves the nutritional content of your food, while also making it more easily digestible. Learn how to sprout all your seeds, legumes and nuts for at home use.

Jun 20

Ceramics: Hand Building, Press Molds, Firing, and More!

An intensive foundation level course for beginners who want to get serious about ceramics.

Jul 07

Intensive Permaculture Design Course: Food Forest Design

Participants earn their 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate during a 10-day intensive focused on Food Forest Design.

Jul 17

Training for Socially Engaged Art Practices

Socially Engaged Art (SEA) has become one of the defining genres of contemporary art and community activism. This course examines the recent history of such projects and leads students through the project design and implementation process.

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