Heartwood Farm produces organic, local, farm-to-table foods, and serves as an outdoor classroom for research and education. Students come to learn hands-on with us, cultivating skills of regenerative farming practices while producing healthy and ethical food for our community. We continue to expand our Permaculture gardens and orchards while building soil, restoring the land, and growing community.

Research and experimentation is an integral part of the farm as we seek to continually develop, demonstrate and educate on practices of sustainable food production. We use the tools of Permaculture farming and Holistic Land Management to make products of exceptional quality and regenerate the land. Learning from and mimicking natural processes, the farm is being designed as a self-supporting and resilient ecological environment, thus reducing its dependence on external resources and increasing on-site productivity.

Our management practices increase land productivity, reduce external inputs (thus cutting operating costs), are humane and produce a superior product that stands out. As a closed-loop system, the farm will have the necessary enterprises to provide for wholesome nutrition at affordable prices.

We hope to meet you here on the farm one day (maybe soon!) and share our learning-circle together.

Want to learn how to farm, hands-on? Join one of our farm immersion programs: