Heartwood welcomes 2017

As we say goodbye to 2016, and welcome the new year, 2017 should prove to be an exciting year at Heartwood. As we continue to schedule our 2017 please keep checking back in with the website to read about updates to our programs that will be offered. We will be offering our permaculture apprenticeships and culinary apprenticeships this year as well, so be sure to check those out, as well as our permaculture, culinary, and art department pages, to find out more about our curriculum.

Heartwood would also like to welcome our new permaculture director Christina Zawerucha. Christina is a permaculture agronomist who is passionate about the exchange of ecological wisdom in multicultural contexts. Focused on working with immigrant populations, smallholder farmers and English Language Learners, Christina has developed participatory curricula with public, non-profit, and higher education institutions in New York City, Pennsylvania, Ukraine, Virginia, Haiti, and Ethiopia. Prior to Heartwood, Christina launched the social enterprise GreenPath food, Ethiopia’s first certified organic fruit and vegetable company and the first permaculture outgrower model in the world. To find out more about Christina, please read her bio on our Staff and Residents page.

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