Meet The Team

The Summer season is almost here! That means we are gearing up for monthly Mountain Exchanges, Sunday Brunch, and Pizza Nights. To accommodate all this fun, our Culinary crew has expanded. The newest member of the Heartwood team is Owen! You can read about him now, and say hi to him at our next event 

Name: Owen

Title at Heartwood: Culinary Arts Prep Cook

Where did you move from?

Fresno, CA

What’s your favorite part of living on “the Hill” thus far?

The community

What’s the weirdest part of living on “the Hill”, thus far?

The community

What vegetable are you most excited to see in the garden?

Varieties of peppers

What food are you looking forward to making in the Kitchen?

I’m excited about everything we’ll be serving at the Sunday Brunches

If you could pick any band to perform at Mountain Exchange, who would you choose?

Dead South

If the airstrip was fully functioning, small plane included, where would you fly to?


What event are you most excited to attend this year?

Pizza Nights

What book are you reading?

King of California

Do you recommend it?



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