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What is Permaculture?

permaculture - greenhousePermaculture is a global grassroots movement that builds healthy environments, regenerates the land and empowers communities. It is a sustainable-design approach that mimics patterns in nature to create regenerative edible ecosystems. It applies natural design principles to create resilient systems - providing food, water, shelter and energy needs while building ecology, community and economy.

permaculture design

Permaculture is an interdisciplinary framework which uses both modern and traditional technologies and focuses on the synergistic relationships between different approaches to find creative solutions through collaboration rather than competition.

In contrast to monoculture farming, permaculturists cultivate perennial-focused multi-layered polycultures of crops that provide ecological services to each other to create biodiverse, climate-resilient and marketable food forests.


Permaculture Residency Program


The Heartwood Institute’s Permaculture Residency Program is a personalized, monthly experiential learning program where participants can develop in-depth skills in permaculture and organic farming while experiencing residential life in a picturesque intentional learning community in the mountains of Southern Humboldt County. 

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Upcoming Permaculture Programs

Heartwood Farm

Heartwood Farm produces organic, local, farm-to-table foods, and serves as an outdoor classroom for research and education

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Research and Collaboration

In order to bring forth real solutions that are not only well-meaning but also very practical, we believe more research and development are needed in the fields of regenerative farming, renewable energy,appropriate technologies and social structures.

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