Permaculture Research Center

In order to bring forth real solutions that are not only well-meaning but also very practical, we believe more research and development are needed in the fields of regenerative farming, renewable energy,appropriate technologies and social structures.

Permaculture is a sustainable-design science that emulates nature’s genius to create abundant living environments. It applies natural design principles to build resilient systems, providing our food, water, shelter and energy needs while regenerating our ecology, community and economy. Permaculture uses both modern and traditional approaches and technologies to meet today’s challenges with a positive outlook, focusing on the solution rather than on the problem.

Driven by curiosity and a passion for learning, we will strive to innovate and spearhead viable alternatives, demonstrating that it is within our reach to become a sustainable civilization.

Areas of Research:

  • Sustainable Farming & Food Security
  • Holistic Land Management & Environmental Regeneration
  • Sustainable Development & Energy-Efficient Homes
  • Renewable Energy & Viable Technologies
  • Community & Economic Resiliency
  • Holistic Education Models
  • Climate Change Preparedness

Research Partners

Heartwood is seeking collaboration with local universities, land conservation groups, sustainability research centers, governmental and not-for-profit organizations that are focused on our research areas. If you would like to collaborate or conduct research at Heartwood, please get ahold of us:

Our Learning Circle

labyrinthWe believe that the most effective way to make a difference in the world is by cultivating healthy relationships: Relationship with a place. Relationship with a friend. Relationship with oneself. We find that we grow the most when we are open to learn from everyone and everything, by creating a Learning-Circle: a space where everyone are both students and teachers.


Fundamental to our educational approach, we put great emphasis on personal growth and community resiliency. We believe that, of all the skills necessary in today’s world, these are perhaps the most important.

Come learn with us!